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Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) in Lake Orion, Michigan


Cargo transportation is one of the main commercial activities in the world. With more people relying on online shopping, the demand for logistics and transportation companies has increased.

However, even the most prepared and experienced freight shipping services in Michigan will face difficulties during transportation, resulting in damages or losses. That’s why you must always have insurance to cover you and your customer’s assets when these things happen.

You may be faced with two options: Carriers Liability or All-Risk Cargo Insurance.

But what is the difference between the two?

  • Carriers Liability – This is a minimal amount of insurance that legally each carrier must offer in case of cargo damage or loss. It can be accessed when it is proven that the carrier is responsible for causing the loss or damages. At the same time, the amount paid is very restrictive. Hence, if it is lost or damaged due to weather-related reasons or improper packaging or loading, then the damage or loss will not be paid.
  • All-Risk Cargo Insurance – This is the most popular and comprehensive form of coverage for cargo. It provides you coverage for physical damages or losses that may occur during the shipping process. What’s great about all-risk cargo insurance is that your cargo is covered for its original value. Therefore, if anything terrible happens, you don’t need to be worried as every penny you invested will be covered.

How We Keep Your Cargo Safe

TForce Worldwide – DTW has transportation management software to ensure that your cargo arrives safely and efficiently at its location.

However, in case of damage, catastrophe, or theft occurs, our logistics service providers in Lake Orion, Michigan, provide all-risk cargo insurance to protect your cargo.

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