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Partial Truckload Service

Flatbed Trucking in Lake Orion, Michigan

SLS has a large and reliable network of truckload carrier partners to cover any partial truckload shipment.


What is a partial truckload?

A partial truckload, or PTL, is mode of freight transportation for large shipments that do not require the use of a full truckload trailer.

The partial truckload option the is right choice for shippers that have more freight than they typically ship with an LTL carrier, but not enough freight to occupy an entire trailer.

Unlike LTL shipments, partial truckload cargo does not require a freight class to secure a rate. It also involves less handling and in effect, has faster transit times.

An LTL volume shipment is another option for larger freight shipments. Click here to read more about Volume LTL Shipments.

The benefits of shipping freight via partial truckload include:

One Truck This allows your shipment to stay on one truck for the whole journey of the transit. When only one truck is involved, the freight is loaded and unloaded only once, which means it involves less handling and faster transit times compared to LTL.

Freight Class is Not Needed With partial truckload shipping, identifying the freight class is not required. This helps you prevent extra fees associated with freight re-classification if you are unsure of which freight class to use.

Less Freight Handling Partial truckload is ideal for shipments that require little to no handling, like fragile items. With partial truckloads, the lesser your shipment is handled, the lower chances of it being damaged.

Reliable Transit Times A huge benefit to shipping freight via partial truckload vs. LTL service is the ability to define the dates and times for the pickup and delivery without paying an extra charge for guaranteed service.

Partial Truckload Shipping Questions:

When Should I Ship a Partial Truckload?

Partial truckload is the right solution for shippers looking for a cost-effective shipping option that falls between LTL and full truckload.

  • Low density freight: If your cargo is light but takes up a lot of space, partial truckload is the better option compared to LTL.
  • Fragile freight: Partial truckload guarantees a lower risk for freight damage. Less handling decreases the odds of cargo being damaged during the journey.
  • Lower costs: Partial truckload guarantees that you save money and space. You will only be paying for the space and weight that your cargo is taking up.

Will I need to know the exact dimensions of my freight for a partial truckload?

The answer is Yes. Knowing the exact dimensions of each handling unit being shipped is essential. Before a carrier accepts a partial shipment, they’ll need the exact dimensions to ensure the freight will fit on their trailer.

Will the transit time be better with a partial truckload than with LTL?

Yes, typically. With partial truckload, the cargo will stay in one trailer, there will typically be no more than one or two stops to unload other freight on the trailer, and there is no LTL cross-docking, which results in faster transit times.

How do I know if a partial truckload is my best option?

The freight experts at TForce Worldwide – DTW will quote any freight shipment to help you find the best solution for your shipment.

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