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Canada Freight Shipping

Domestic Freight Transportation in Lake Orion, Michigan

We have the carrier partners, knowledge, support, and technology to help businesses easily move freight between the U.S. and Canada.


Do you need help getting your freight shipments to or from Canada?

Canada is the United States’ second-largest trade partner after China. While NAFTA and the USMCA have improved commerce between the United States and Canada, for those unfamiliar with international shipping, the process can seem overwhelming. With regulations to follow and documentation to complete, shippers have a lot to consider.

The SLS operations team can help your company coordinate complex Canada to U.S. and U.S. to Canada shipments by making sure that the required customs paperwork and the customs broker information is included with your shipment. We can make your Canada cross border shipments a painless process by using trusted and reliable TForce Worldwide Canada freight carriers to properly handle your important international freight shipments.

Cross-border shipping documents dos and don’ts


  • Properly fill out the Bill of Lading, Packing List and Commercial Invoice (and NAFTA form when necessary).
  • Provide these documents to the carrier and customs broker.
  • Include the customs broker’s name and address on Bill of Lading for the carrier on Canada shipments.
  • Include both brokers’ names and addresses on Bill of Lading on Mexico shipments since there are two customs brokers, one based in the US and one based in Mexico, involved with every Mexico cross-border shipment.


  • Forget to include broker and freight forwarder information on the BOL so that shipments are routed to the right crossing and can clear quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide the BOL without the customs documents because we, and our carriers, must have this information to work with brokers and forwarders.

The team of cross border freight shipping experts at SLS will help determine the best way to more your freight to or from Canada and Mexico. We help customers identify what documents are required for international freight shipments and then coordinate the right carrier to import or export your cargo in the most time efficient manner possible.

The Facts About Cross Border Mexico Shipping

When it comes to Mexico cross border freight shipping, here are some of the challenges that shippers face:

Border Transfer

Freight carriers will typically transport freight to the border and deliver it to the designated carrier who has been selected / hired by either the logistics company that is coordinating the freight shipment or the recipient of his goods. Some carriers have the authority to transport freight in both countries, thus improving the border crossing process. If customs agents in either country inspect the shipment, it will result in border crossing delays.


When shippers do not include, or properly complete, all the necessary shipping and customs documents, it will always cause shipping delays with their cross-border Mexico shipment. These are the required import and export documents when shipping to or from Mexico:

  • Import/Export Form (US-MX: Shipper’s Export Declaration and MX-US: Export Pedimento)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (only if goods qualify for NAFTA)

Longer Transit Time

Shipments that involve border crossings will almost always add at least one extra day to the transit time, or more, if the necessary documents and customs brokerage information are missing or incomplete. Additionally, when freight is transferred to another carrier, there may be delays during or after the transfer process. Lastly, when customs agencies and customs brokers are involved, customs clearance issues can sometimes cause significant shipping delays.

Risk of Loss, Damage and Theft

The fact is Mexico does not have the best reputation when it comes to the loss, damage, and theft of material goods. The cross border team at TForce Worldwide can negotiate a transportation agreement with Mexican freight carriers that provide either for full liability or a more acceptable limitation related to the value of the goods, such as $25 per pound or $100,000 per trailer or container.

Insurance for Cross Border Shipping

It is advised that shippers obtain their own inland marine (cargo) insurance when shipping freight to or from Mexico. Most U.S. policies do not cover transit loss or damage in Mexico, but it is possible to obtain an endorsement for this coverage. Please contact the SLS office today if you need all-risk coverage for your Mexico freight shipment.

TForce Worldwide, and the operations team at SLS, provide Canada and Mexico cross border freight shipping services that include LTL, Truckload, Flatbed, and Air Freight.

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