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Full Truckload Service

Partial Truckload in Lake Orion, Michigan

SLS has the best full truckload carriers for your large freight shipments.


What is a full truckload?

Full truckload shipping, also known as FTL, is a mode of freight transportation that enables shippers to move large freight shipments that typically occupy more than half of, or up to, an entire trailer.

The average weight a truck and trailer combination will haul is typically between 42,000 and 44,000 pounds.

A 53-foot Dry van trailer is the most common type of truckload trailer used for full truckload shipments. Most truckload trailers can haul up to 45,000 pounds, but it is usually tougher to find a carrier that will haul a trailer at their maximum weight capacity.

If you have a shipment that will roughly occupy half a trailer, consider a Volume LTL Shipment or a Partial Truckload Shipments as alternative options.

The Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping:

Lower cost for high-volume destinations. Since more drivers are headed to high-volume destinations, they are inclined to offer better rates to shippers with freight.

Less expensive than LTL. With large volumes of freight, the price per unit will generally be lower with a truckload shipment that with an LTL carrier.

Full truckload is faster. Since full truckload shipments are only traveling to one destination, fewer stops results in faster delivery.

Lower risk. Since there is less freight handling involved, the risk of damage or loss is reduced significantly with a full truckload shipment.

Truckload Shipping Questions:

When Should I Ship a Full Truckload?

Ship a full truckload shipment any time one or more of the following scenarios are present.

  • 30 to 52 linear feet of freight will be shipped.
  • Specific pickup and/or delivery times must be met.
  • The shipment has a high value and requires no additional handling.
  • The freight requires specialized equipment based on the size and/or weight.

How much weight can a truck carry?

A truck and trailer combination can comfortably haul is between 42,000 and 44,000 pounds generally. Most 53-foot dry van trailers can haul up to 45,000 pounds. For a full truckload shipment, it is best to find out the weight capacity of the trailer to make sure you will not exceed the capacity with your shipment.

How many pallets can a truck carry?

A full truckload can carry up to 30 standard pallets (measured at 40” L x 48” W) safely. Larger and heavier pallets will require advanced planning to determine the correct load to weight ratio for a properly loaded trailer.

What are the trailer sizes and types available with a full truckload?

The most common trailer types for full truckload shipments are the following:

  • Dry Van Trailer – 48 ft and 53 ft
  • Refrigerated Trailers – 48 ft and 53 ft
  • Flatbed Trailers – 48 ft and 53 ft

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