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LTL Freight Transportation Service

Less than Truckload (LTL) in Lake Orion, Michigan

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less than truckload

What is LTL?

Less than Truckload shipping, also known as LTL, is a mode of freight transportation that enables shippers to move small to medium-sized freight shipments at affordable rates.

An important factor with LTL shipments is the size of the freight being shipped. LTL carriers needs know the size (length, width, height, and weight) of each shipment so they can determine how much space it will take up in their trailer. Most LTL freight shipments are shipped on standard sized pallets that are 40” long by 48” wide and can vary in height up to 96”.

With LTL freight is important to consider that it will be handled by a fork-lift at multiple touch points until it reaches destination. All LTL freight should be properly packaged, secured to a pallet or skid, or completely crated, to mitigate damage.

If you have a shipment that will occupy roughly half a trailer, consider getting a Volume LTL Quote or using a Partial Truckload as alternative options.

The Benefits of LTL Shipping:

Lower Cost vs. Small Parcel When a shipment weighs more than 100 pounds and will occupy 4 or more lineal feet of space in trailer, LTL shipping is almost always the low-cost alternative to small parcel.

Volume LTL Pricing Available Any time a shipper has 6 to 12 pallets and/or between 5,000 and 20,000 pounds of freight to ship, volume LTL shipment is great option when cost savings is the primary goal.

Standard and Guaranteed Delivery Options Most LTL carriers are known for their solid delivery performance and adherence to posted transit time. You can choose the low-cost standard transit option or time and date specific guaranteed LTL service when needed.

Free LTL Rate Analysis Our LTL shipping experts can perform a free comprehensive LTL freight rate study. If you can pull 3, 6 or 12 months of shipment information into an excel spreadsheet, we can run a cost and carrier study to help you uncover LTL cost savings. Contact us today to find out more.

Incredible LTL Freight Management Technology A great TMS (Transportation Management System) can save you time and money on every LTL shipment. We offer our customers the amazing TForce Worldwide Connect system free of charge.

Common LTL Shipping Mistakes:

Measurement and Weight Errors

The weight and dimensions of a freight shipment play an important role in determining freight class. If a shipper is guessing either or both the weight and dimensions, it will likely result in a re-class or re-weigh by the LTL carrier. This typically causes the freight invoice to be higher than the original quoted LTL shipping rate.

Improper Packaging

Damages will happen when freight is poorly packaged and/or not secured properly to a pallet. The two recommended methods for securing items to a pallet are strapping or banding and shrink wrapping.

Not Considering Additional Services

It is important to consider the loading conditions at both origin and destination before booking an LTL freight shipment. Often, shippers will forget that a lift-gate is needed or that it may be shipping from or to a location that does not have dock and may be considered a limited access location. Click here for a list of LTL services that typically involve additional fees.

Missing or Incorrect Information on the Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is the standard shipping contract between a shipper and the carrier. This document must be filled out correctly or an LTL carrier can apply additional charges at the time the shipment is billed. Make sure that each bill of lading shows the following:

  • Correct origin and destination addresses
  • Valid shipper and consignee contact information (name and phone number)
  • An accurate freight class and a valid NMFC item for each item being shipped
  • Accurate weights and dimensions

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