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Air Import and Air Export Freight Cargo Services

Freight Cargo Services in Lake Orion, Michigan

Leverage the global purchasing power and partnerships that TForce Worldwide has with the world’s premier air freight cargo carriers.

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How quickly can we move international air fright cargo?

When customers need freight delivered to a foreign country, or imported into the US as quickly as possible, the best mode of transportation is to ship cargo via air freight. The following are three different air import and air export options that TForce Worldwide has to offer.

Other commonly used open flatbed trailer types include:

  • Expedited: 1-2 days transit time
  • Premier: 3-4 days transit time
  • Value: 5-7 days transit time

* Transit times are shown as airport-to-airport

When it comes to international freight shipping, we make it easy.

The team of international freight shipping experts at SLS will help determine the import or export service that will best fit your needs. We help customers identify what documents are required for international freight shipments and then coordinate the right carrier to import or export your cargo in the most time efficient manner possible.

When you are ready to move an international air or ocean shipment, please provide the following information to one of our team members:

  • The locations where the shipment is picking up from and delivering to.
  • The ready time and close time at the origin location.
  • The time and date requirements for the delivery.
  • The number of handling units being shipped.
  • The dimensions of each handling unit.
  • The weight of each handling unit.
  • A detailed description of the freight being shipped.
  • Any special handling services that are required at the origin and/or destination.
  • The commercial invoice and packing list documents.

Ocean Import and Ocean Export Freight Cargo Services

Full Container Load (FCL)

Typically, a full container is the best option for customers that want better overall transit time and have enough freight to occupy two-thirds or more of the available interior space.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

LCL ocean shipments are a good choice for customers that want the lowest cost option and do not have enough freight to occupy more than half a shipping container.

Breakbulk and Out-of-Gauge Cargo

Our international specialist team will coordinate larger ocean shipments using flat rack containers for over-sized items, open top containers for over-height cargo or via break bulk to ship large, non-containerized cargo under deck, on deck or between a cargo vessel’s decks.

Container Length 20 ft 40 ft
Outer Width: 8’ 8’
Outer Height:
» Standard 8’ 6” 8’ 6”
» High cube 9’ 6” 9’ 6”
Internal Length 19’ 3” 39’ 4”
Internal Width 7’ 7” 7’ 7”
Internal Height:
» Standard 7’ 9” 7’ 9”
» High cube 8’ 9” 8’ 9”
End Door Aperture Width 7’ 6” 7’ 6”
End Door Aperture Height:
» Standard 7’ 5” 7’ 5”
» High cube 8’ 5” 8’ 5”
Floor area 150 sq. ft 305 sq. ft
Cubic capacity:
» Standard 1160 cu ft 2360 cu ft
» High cube 1310 cu ft 2660 cu ft
Empty Weight 2.4 tons 4 tons
Weight Capacity 28 tons 29 Tons

TForce Worldwide, and the freight shipping experts at SLS, provide freight forwarding services that include air export, air import, ocean export and ocean import. Our network of global freight carrier partners can deliver any international air or ocean shipment anywhere in the world. We look forward to helping you solve your most complicated global supply chain needs.

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