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Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) in Lake Orion, Michigan


Goods can go through a long trip before they arrive at their destination. This long trip can provide a million opportunities for them to be damaged. With that, keeping them safe should always be a priority for any shipping company.

As we offer freight shipping services in Michigan, we give full attention to protecting the packages that go through our system. How are these goods protected during transit?

  • Packaging

    For one, goods need to be packaged appropriately. Many techniques exist to protect all types of goods. With packaging, these goods are not directly exposed to the elements. They also become easier to handle when they are packaged properly.

    Companies use all types of packaging to protect products. Many use packing foam and bubble wrap to ensure that products stay protected during transit. Many also use crates and wooden boxes.

  • Proper Storage

    Some packages may go through several exchanges before reaching their destination. All exchanges can be monitored through transportation management software. In between trips, these packages and goods should be stored properly.

    Some goods may require dry storage, while others may require rooms with controlled temperature. Some companies invest in warehouses and storage facilities to ensure that packages have a safe place to stay.

  • Handling
    Despite proper packaging and adequate storage, goods can still be damaged if they are handled roughly. With that, logistics technicians and delivery personnel should be trained well to ensure that goods are handled well from the moment they leave the warehouse to the moment they reach the customer’s doorstep.

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