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Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) in Lake Orion, Michigan

How to Calculate Freight Density for LTL Shipments How to Calculate Freight Density for LTL shipments will typically charge for freight based on the weight and cube of the items that will be shipped. With this, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. created the National Motor Freight Classification, which is the standard that determines the freight classes of each commodity or product that will be shipped. There are 18 different classifications of freight, which are represented by numeric numbers ranging from 50-500.

Know that density is the primary key in determining a commodity’s freight class. Here’s how you calculate the density and determine the freight class:

  • Measure the height, width, and depth of the shipment. You have to measure the farther points and include pallets, as well as other packages.
  • Multiply the dimensions (height x width x depth). If you have multiple shipments, make sure to add them up to get the total cubic feet or inches.
  • Then, divide the weight (lbs.) of the shipment by the cubic feet. If you have multiple shipments, make sure to add them up before dividing them with the total dimension.

Use our convenient Freight Density Calculator to quickly determine the density of a single handling unit.

Should you have more questions about the costs of shipping your commodity or product, you can always get in touch with a local provider of freight shipping services in Michigan.

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