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Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) in Lake Orion, Michigan


One common issue individuals, businesses, and corporations experience when shipping is lost or damaged merchandise. Losing merchandise during transit can cripple business operations and cost businesses large sums of money in lost revenue. Logistics service providers can help mitigate the risk of loss through transportation management and logistic services.

Individuals should also take the necessary steps to prepare their cargo for transit to reduce the risk of unwanted incidents when shipping merchandise. We specialize in freight transportation services in Lake Orion, Michigan, and here are a few ways to properly prepare your freight for shipment:

  • Prepare You Pallet or Boxes Properly
    To avoid any damage, movement, or falls during transit, prepare your pallet or boxes by stacking sensibly, securing the pallet with stretch wrap, and adding slip sheets between layers to distribute the weight evenly. We offer reliable freight cargo services if you need to ship cargo in bulk or less.
  • Label Properly and Make Sure They Are Comprehensible
    One common reason for lost shipments is poor labeling. When cargoes are labeled poorly, they can easily be mixed in with the wrong shipments, head to the wrong destination, or get lost in transit.
  • Choose the Right Freight Class
    Choosing the right freight class or transportation services can help you save costs on your next shipment and ensure that your cargo is on a vehicle that can cater to the size and bulk of your shipment, reducing the risk of damage and loss. For smaller shipments, there are partial truckload and LTL services, and for bulkier shipments, there are flatbed trucking and step deck trailers.

For reliable freight shipping in Michigan, you can call TForce Worldwide at 888-757-6909.

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