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Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) in Lake Orion, Michigan

when-should-you-use-white-glove-shippingWhite glove shipping is a level-up from regular shipping as exceptional attention is paid to the item all throughout its journey. If you want your item to be closely looked after during its delivery, choose white glove shipping.

The good news is, our freight shipping services in Michigan offer this service! So, when should one choose white glove shipping?

Acquiring or delivering high-value things requires careful consideration. Whether you want to ship antique furniture, art, technological equipment, or other pricey objects, choosing white glove shipping is the best option. This shipping service also takes care of properly delivering or shipping sterile medical equipment. So, if the item to be delivered or shipped is for your home or business, white glove shipping provides extreme caution to assure that it will be watched over from point A to point B.

Nobody wants to receive a damaged expensive item while expecting that it arrives at your doorstep pristine. These high-value objects must be packaged and delivered carefully in order to maintain their worth. So, if you intend to ship valuables, fragile items, unassembled or bulky furniture, medical equipment, and other expensive goods, consider choosing white glove shipping. With our transportation management software, your items will be tracked properly!

Know more about white glove shipping by calling TForce Worldwide – DTW today! Our logistics service providers in Lake Orion, Michigan will readily assist you.

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