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Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) in Lake Orion, Michigan

lost-or-damaged-cargo-what-to-doLosing or receiving damaged cargo may happen. The cost to distributors and retailers will then go beyond the value of the goods themselves. This is why it’s important to know how to determine the applicable laws and rules when lost or damaged shipment happens.

Cargo damage comes in four main categories. General damage is when the damage is visible on the goods. Loss is technically not damage but is falls under this category, and it is when the shipment does not arrive or when packages that are listed on the bill of lading are missing. Shortage is when some items in the shipment arrive undamaged, but the total count is less than the pick list. Lastly, concealed damage is when the damage is not visible on initial inspection and is only discovered later on.

Once you receive your shipment, be sure to inspect it right away. Document any damage with photos and videos. Notify the shipper, the carrier, and your insurance company immediately so that they can conduct their own investigation. Keep the damaged goods until there is a resolution. Also, refuse to sign any delivery receipt, even if it says things like “subject to inspection and count”. But be sure to pay the freight charges without delay to protect your rights to file a damage claim.

You may file an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the seller of the goods or the shipper. But to have a smooth delivery of your items, it’s better to choose a reliable logistics service provider. So, decide our freight shipping services in Michigan!

Our transportation management software allows our crew to closely monitor your shipment.

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